When you’re planning to relocate, having a professional mover on your side can save you a lot of energy, time, and money. Whatever the reasons of your moving are, ensure that you find a professional moving service. But the question is how to find a reliable mover? What are the signs of professional movers? The thing is that it’s easier to point out red flags of bad companies than describe all the possible benefits a moving service may have. So below read about the red flags movers may have. Should you spot any of them, don’t work with this company!


Unfortunately, not all moving companies do the job themselves, some hire subcontractors or use broker services to drum up business. It’s hard to spot this red flag, unless you directly ask the mover whether the company uses subcontractors or not. If it denies this fact, make sure this point is included in your contract to avoid any further misunderstandings and complications.

Double check

Today the era of the Internet allows companies to do magic that is pretty hard to spot and check. So even if you see that a moving company has a physical address or demonstrates its license or certification, don’t be lazy and double check this info. It’s much easier to click a couple more times online than to deal with bad services later.

Estimates and quotes

Remember NO, we repeat, ABSOLUTELY NO reliable mover will provide you with an online or phone binding estimate for the move. All companies send their representatives on the site( to your home) to evaluate the scope of relocation. Should you be offered with non-person estimate – run away from this company as fast as you can! But differentiate between estimates and quotes because the latter can be offered in any form and shape. Quotes just state cost of services of a precise mover, but not the final price for your project.


As a rule, cash upfront deposits are not required by movers. Yes, you might be asked for some down payment, but it should go through the bank payments and you have to always have a detailed check about such bank operations. Never pay any cash to a mover, except for the tips to your moving crew.
And the final tip is to know your rights. Where hiring a moving company, ask questions, inquire rules explanation and then double check received info online. The more you know, the less chances of fooling you scammers have.