On “Digital Counterinsurgency” & Broadcasting the Internet to Defeat ISIS

RE: Jared Cohen on Digital Counterinsurgency

Defeating ISIS begins with broadcasting its greatest competitor and ally across the world; the internet.

“The way around the problem is through it” & this is the case with ISIS. To broadcast internet to every region of the world would ultimately defeat ISIS but also result in war against our new ways of life. They would certainly use it as a tool, possibly to their own demise.

There is no swifter way to make transparent a network than the internet nor is there a swifter way to eliminate or defeat old ideas than the presentation and perception of new ones. The internet brings with it channels of commerce, education, communication, and ultimately, disruption.

Considering this, global internet accessibility would also result in ISIS being able to access new regions of the world with their misinformation (while also creating liability of discovery). And it would bring with it the best traits of the market to the forefront of modern war and unspeakable terrorism, casting light on the massive logical fallacies ISIS rules from.

It is only their kingdom because they control the information.

And yes, war. Because in opposition to the United States and a coalition of United Nation Members making the internet globally accessible — alongside or through Facebook & Google — would be the nations harboring ISIS within the Middle East. This would not be ordinary opposition; it would be opposition of the highest emphasis — war.

And to this issue, I only have questions.

What is the extent of evil within a human when presented with a market of opposing and contrarian ideas, education, and commerce?

Do we allow this behavior to continue into our future or do we go to war now and completely eliminate -what I believe to be - a parasite of the worst kind?

I know what the internet has done for me and will do for me, alongside many in the Western nations. For what reason do we accept middle eastern or other countries denial or manipulation of the internet?

In front of me, I see a vision of a civilization so great — both analog and digital — but I also see a group clinging to old ways to justify old wrongs and old ideas.

I believe the only answer and solution to this brand of evil is to make the internet globally accessible against the will of opposing states.