Moving can be expensive if you don’t plan everything ahead. But at the same time it can be affordable if you get ready for it in advance and follow a few simple steps. Here are several tips from professional moving companies to help you move without getting broke.


Keep in mind that when working with a professional moving company you will pay for the scope of your move. Whether the mover charges by the weight or the volume of your belongings, the rule remains – the less items you have, the less you’ll pay. Organize your packing properly to lessen the load: when going through your stuff, try to get rid of as many things as you can.

Don’t book the rush hour

Yes, moving companies do have high season and low season prices. If you’re short on money, then it’s smarter to move off season. The season for movers include summer and weekends. As a rule, you can expect lower prices on holidays and in the middle of the week. Should you really need to go low, opt for this kind of timing. Winter is also considered to be low season, and if you add to it some holiday like Christmas, you are likely to pay twice less than you would with normal prices.


Be ready that some stages of the move you’ll have to handle yourself if moving on budget. One of such things is packing. Try to get as many free supplies as you can: go to local stores for cardboard boxes; ask your moving company for some used plastic boxes, sometimes you can get them for free or at a very low price; collect bubble wrap for breakables from your friends. The more you can save on packing, the more you’ll have for hiring a good mover.

Think ahead of time

The earlier you begin preparing for the move, the lower prices you can get on hiring a mover or booking your next flight to the new place. So if you have a possibility, try to start your relocation (meaning booking everything you need and planning the whole process) around three-four months before the actual date. And always remember that if you begin early, you’ll always have time to change or rearrange something if needed.