An Open Letter to My Mother, Who “Might” Vote for Donald Trump

Dear Mom,

Please don’t. Please, please don’t.

I would write this letter to every potential voter of Donald Trump. But you, my mother, the one who brought me into this world. The one who encouraged me to be the independent, intelligent, challenge-seeking, compete-with-the-boys kind of woman that I am. I am really struggling with your response that you might vote for him.

I know you are a staunch Republican. You raised me that way, too. And I never looked up to you more than when we helped a woman win a seat in the Senate in Pennsylvania in 2006. I always did, and do understand and appreciate your deep values in the practice of small government and independence of economy and business, especially as a strong, bold, intelligent business-woman yourself. I too support those Republican values.

But Donald Trump not only represents the worst kind of Republican. He represents the worst kind of person. He represents hate, entitlement, greed, trickery, and many forms of violence. And I am personally frightened by his existence in this world let alone his stab at the presidency.

I hate that it has gotten to this point. Where he is the Republican candidate. It is an understatement to say that it is a sad state of affairs.

I would never meddle in your political views, and I respect your right to support a Republican presidency. But this is different.

This feels dangerous.

Donald Trump has bragged about assaulting women.

This hurts. It truly hurts. Existing as a woman in America hurts.

When a man runs up and slaps you in the ass at swim camp at 12 years old, it hurts. When a man slaps you in the face at a swim meet at age 13, it hurts. When a man sexually harasses you in the bathroom in an all-girls dorm in college, it hurts. When a man sexually assaults and vilifies you in the middle of the night by running up behind you on the sidewalk, it hurts. When strangers grab your ass, so many that I have lost track, it hurts. When an old man rubs his knee up against your crotch while giving you an eye exam, it hurts. When your father’s friend gives you a too tight, too long hug, a cheek kiss, and comment about your looks at 20 years old, it hurts.

The man running for president brags about this kind of behavior. Sexually assaulting women. The kind of behavior that has been killing me, and all females, since before we could realize it.

It doesn’t matter if I’m a friend, family member, a friend of a friend, or any whatever association.

I am a woman that has grown up in America. And existing here has been dangerous to me. Existing in America is dangerous for all women.

It has been dangerous to my self-esteem, my confidence, my mental health, my overall health.

It has arguably contributed to my chronic depression and panic disorders. It has contributed to my chronic stress, stomach and digestive problems.

This hurt, it erodes at my body. And my soul.

I am only 25 years old. I often fear how many more years I will make it.

You, as a woman. As my mother. Please, hear me.

Do not vote for this man.

It will hurt.

With love,

Your daughter