The Human Development Project

What is it all about?

Mission Statement

The Human Development Project is aimed at supporting human rights, promoting social justice, and offering viable solutions to complex issues.

Vision Statement

The Human Development Project (HDP) is more than just a publication. HDP looks to promote social justice, spark human rights advancements, and provide viable solutions to complex issues. By way of thought-provoking essays and comprehensive policy reviews (forthcoming), HDP offers every individual access to pertinent information flowing through our increasingly globalized society.

In addition to the article submissions published semi-weekly on our Medium publication, HDP is looking to expand to develop in-depth problem-solving assessments and initiate community mobilization to push for positive change.

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The staff accepts and appreciates donations of any amount. While we are unable to commit to the Project in a full-time manner, financial backing of any kind will afford our editors the opportunity to dedicate more time and resources to the development of this platform.

It is our firm belief that this publication can shift public perception and societal expectations of how American media should arm the masses with knowledge and compassion. How society is informed is just as important as the information they are armed with. Oftentimes, the underlying issues plaguing the medium and content are one in the same. Accordingly, we have adopted an approach that cultivates understanding whilst taking advantage of the streamlined publication process Medium provides its editorial community. We don’t lose sleep over how to grow in influence and reach. We rely on a much more organic, grassroots growth model that places our editors and contributors in the hot seat. We are only as strong as the amazing authors — that have embraced our message and share our sense of purpose — push us to be.

As our donation pool grows, the likelihood that we may be able to support our growing cast of storytellers increases exponentially. While we certainly hope to dedicate more of our own time and effort to HDP, we also believe in putting the authors that make the Project what it is first. It’s the least we can do. Make a donation here.

Social Media Content Disclosures

Story attributions are included within each article link. The HDP Press publication and Human Development Project’s platform on Medium claim no ownership of, or rights to, the original drafts of shared content, rather they provide an extensive network for authors to expand their audience and align the Press and Project’s missions with their own.

Please reach out to us via email at if you believe there to be any breach of implied contract or otherwise. We work hard to ensure that all artists, authors, and photographers contributing to our publication are properly attributed — and consequently we take any charge against our professionalism and ethics very seriously. We maintain the utmost vigilance throughout the content curation process and will work to rectify any matter involving such charges.